Katti Batti review: Boy meets girl and together they bore us


The love story of MADDY (Imran Khan) a reasonably decent boy and PAYAL (Kangna  Ranaut) a bomb of a person(ultra hot,ultra popular) takes a drastic turn when Payal leaves him without a hint after their 5 years long live-in relation. Maddy, throughout the movie insanely looks for her ,to find that she is getting married, but is she? Oh No! Aparently Payal has Cancer and will die,and then the rest of the movie follows the same Bollywood melodrama and this sums up Katti Batti for us!

?The Hot Kangna and the even Hotter Outfits.
?The Vibrant sets and the peppy songs.
?And finally the IMRAN KHAN factor.

?Same old cheesy story line.
?Sad! It literally depresses you at a point!
?There is no Katti Batti in the picture!

From a Kangna and Imran starrer we’d expect wonders ,but here, Trust us -You see none!Those of you who dig ‘Rom-Coms’ will actually like it,but the others just WONT.Infact some say that the first half and the second half could be made into two different movies.(LOL) Overall the movie wasnt all that bad,We’d say its  a one time watch ,because in the end Kangna’s outfits and Imran’s cuteness are totally worth the 200 bucks.



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