Kashmir on fire, while political mudslinging continues!


Amidst the conflicts and hullabaloo in Kashmir, nearly 31 people lost their lives and 1400 have been injured after Hizbul Mujahideen commander, Burhan Muzaffar Wani, was killed in a ‘catch and kill’ operation by the security forces. Police stations and minority camps have also come under attack by pro-separatist groups and there are threats of attacks by terror outfits across the border.

The state is on the boil, since the time Burhan was taken to the burial ground wrapped in Pakistani flag and was buried next to his brother, Khalid. The latter was also killed in an encounter with the security forces. Burhan Wani was said to be the poster boy of terrorism in Kashmir and had a huge following on social media. He urged young Kashmiri boys to rebel and join militant outfits. Only to add, that he was considered a threat to security, because of his radical influence on the young minds.

However, despite Kashmir being stuck in a serious situation, mudslinging in the political arena has continued! Omar Abdullah indirectly took digs at the Chief Minister of Kashmir, Mehbooba Mufti, in a series of tweets.

One of the tweets state, “For all (of) Burhan’s social media activity, I don’t recall any militancy incident attributed to him while I was in office. Not sure after that.”

He again took to Twitter and wrote, “Alas, Burhan isn’t the first to pick up the gun and won’t be the last. National Conference has always maintained that a political problem needs political solution.”

Coming from a man of such a high stature, these are rather disappointing statements. Abdullah being a leader, right now, should urge people in the valley to maintain peace as he has an appeal to the mass mind. Rather than putting his political intellect to the right (read wrong) use, Omar is seemed to have planned to make full use of the instability against Mufti. Somebody rightly said that politicians will try and eke out benefits from those in the grave too.

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