Kanika Gupta


Two roads diverged in a wood and…

She took the road less travelled by. And that has made all the difference.


While the world was busy in the race of becoming chartered accountant, doctor or engineer; Kanika Gupta decided to do something more unique. So she opened up her own line of bakery called, ‘Bakerilicious.’ Isn’t that sweet?


~What is your story? 

I did my schooling from Hansraj, my 11th and 12th from Bhawan Vidyalya, Chandigarh and then I joined B.Com in MCM. Simultaneously, I was perusing my C.A. Just out of curiosity, I baked a cake once and I really enjoyed it. Then, I started learning it online and joined some basic classes. As and when I discovered that this is my call and baking is my passion, I gave up C.A. While still in B.Com, many of my friends, tuition-mates and teachers became my customers. I used to get a good number of orders and people even approached me to teach them baking. So I started baking classes.



~When did you start ‘Bakerlicious’?

After taking my professional degree in baking from Gurgaon and training in Chandigarh, I started ‘Bakerlicious.’ I set up a proper base-kitchen in my home itself and then I did the marketing. From printing to advertising; ordering raw material to baking; taking orders to delivering; I did it all and still do it on my own.


What is more influencing is how she took to her call this smoothly and won it like a candy! Stories like her’s aren’t the icing on the cake, but the cake itself.



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