Justice delayed is Justice denied


After independence, the Sikh community was made promises of equality, but unfortunately were denied their rights. Back in the 1970s, the Akali Dal, when not in power passed the ‘Anandpur Sahib Resolution’; which once again highlighted equality amongst the Sikh community.  Rejection at every door step led to the ‘Dharam Yudh Morcha’ which were peaceful protests to support the implementation of the resolution in 1980. Innocents were thrown into jails under the TADA POTA act. (Terrorist activity detention act & Prevention of terrorist act.) In the normal world, a person is innocent until proven guilty, back then a person was guilty until proven innocent.

Today it’s been more than twenty years, with no evidence to prove that these people are guilty, bail hasn’t been granted. They haven’t seen their children, wives, and mothers as they weren’t ‘allowed’ to meet their families because they were accused of being ‘potential terrorists’.

Since January 16th, 2015, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa Ji, who is an activist, has been on a hunger strike, for the release of all Sikh political prisoners who are being held in jail without any evidence against them. It’s been more than 268 days, not a single grain of rice has gone in this mans’ stomach. Will justice be served? Not a single person can answer this question. People tremble at the thought of where this struggle may lead…..

Rage in the hearts of the youth of Panjab University showed on October tenth, when a crowd of more than 100 students gathered at the student center to spread the word about Bapu Ji’s great sacrifice. This was a combined effort of the Nirbhau Nirvair study circle and the PAF ( People artist forum).

A young girl, Nikki, persuing M.Phil. from the music department sang a song to express her feelings. Loud and bold she sang, “Jo saadi nazar ch yodhae ne, tenu kaatil lagde o saare ne, bus esse karke tere naal, saadi bandi nai sarkare ni.” Her composition expressed her sentiments, and the way she sang expressed her feelings even more. Raging with anger and hidden concern.

Harpreet Singh from the MC department recited a poem with such a strong message, “saade naal koi kharda kyun ni? ho rahe zulm naal koi ladta kyun ni?” These students are filled with rage, and this showed in their attitude that very day.

Not printed but handmade sketches of Bapu Ji were seen in their hands. These people marched from the student center to the university market, repeating the same words without a pause, “Panjab University ton aai aawaz, Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa zindabad”!!!! This act showed the immense respect these students have in their hearts’ for Bapu Ji.

Bapu Surat Singh Khalsa Ji is the same man who sat on a hunger strike at the same time as Anna Hazare and was also given the name “Anna Hazare of Punjab”. This man has always fought for the right reasons and stood by those who never had anyone by their side.

One man, fighting for the rights of many. Sacrifices are never unfruitful, but again that’s true in the normal world and here everything seems to run on an opposite track. Also sacrifice seems to been an understatement. No words can match Bapu Ji’s actions. His fight for justice still continues.

270 days and counting……..


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Urvi Marwaha

Urvi Marwaha (BDS, PU Campus)

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