Justice Delayed and Denied


December 16, 2012 created a stir in the country’s mindset! On that deadly day, demons personified as six diabolic men raping and brutally murdering an innocent lass in the country’s capital. Not only did they rape her but also viciously attacked a young man accompanying her. That very day we once again witnessed the plight of a woman’s honor in the country. Nationwide protests broke out; people disregarding the so-called demographic boundaries came together to support the victim and her family but all went to waste.
A few days after the incident, accused were arrested among which one was chronologically and rather conveniently a juvenile. Then came the most disheartening and feeble part of the country’s judicial system- The Juvenile to be treated separately. He was sentenced 3 years of “counseling” in correctional home. And now the nation has broken into tears. The Juvenile is set free! He is released from his so-called rigorous punishment that supposedly according to our esteemed justice system paid a huge transforming effect on his oh-so ever impressionable mind. Not only he walked away freely but would be given Rs 10,000 as a grant to shape up his dark and shady future along with Rs 1,00,000 and a sewing machine to open up a shop to cover up his unimaginable heinous deeds.
Seems like according to our judiciary, the price of a woman’s chastity in this country is a meager amount of money. This verdict has created a major sense of insecurity in the minds of the people residing in this nation and a laughing stock for the international community. He was also the most brutal of all attackers but the frivolous part is, if he can commit the most heinous crimes the world has ever seen, he was not even entitled to half as harsh punishment because we live in such a harmonious and passive nation. How can we bear a thought that one of the men who killed and raped an innocent young girl would be walking free with the government protecting and rehabilitating him? How can the government be so blind in order to ignore that a mind as devilish as his, does not hold the capacity of being reformed? It is highly saddening to say that ‘Crime Won and Innocent Lost’.
It has paved the way for juveniles all over the world to freely commit crimes and walk away with the legal system supporting them. This way I would say that nation’s future isn’t bright at all! If he doesn’t realize the intensity of the deed done, all the money to be wasted on him will justify him raping the ingenuous ‘Nirbhaya’. By this verdict, the people not only in this county but the onlookers of the international community have lost the faith in the country’s sense of wisdom. After being acquitted freely, he can emerge as an even bigger threat to society at large. There are frail hopes from the Supreme Court to impart slight what is left of the verdict to go against the juvenile. The victim’s family has been running from pillar to post seeking justice, demanding rigorous punishment and amendments in the juvenile law given the magnitude of the heinous crime committed on December 16, 2012.
The only flipside to this gruesome situation  is that due to grave public pressure, the government finally decided to pass the juvenile justice bill. It was passed  by the Rajya Sabha on Dec 22 ,stating various  provisions like increasing the remand from 3 years to 7-10 years depending upon the nature of the crime.According to the new amendments, any person above 16 years of age , who is accused of doing a heinous crime would be treated as an adult. It aims at setting up juvenile justice centres in  every state along with eradicating the core with the increase in juvenile crimes. The bill also aims at eliminating poverty, illiteracy and lack of basic understanding of various concepts. The bill also provides to secure the future of crime stricken juveniles by not only financial but educational and psychological support. Needless, to say that this move by the government has not convincted the juvenile in the present case scenario but it does assure preventing other ‘Nirbhayas’ in the future.

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