Justice and Judges in quarter say!


During a recent speech in a meeting of Chief Justices and Chief Ministers, the Chief Justice of India, Mr. T.S. Thakur broke down mid-speech. This emotional outburst was a result of the executive’s lack of empathy towards the judicial arm of the system.

The Law Commission had urged the government to increase the number of judges from 10 judges per 10 lakh people to a meager fifty in total, but their words fell on deaf ears.This comes in the backdrop of a judiciary-executive tussle over the appointment criteria of Chief Justices.This dispute has been dangling over for decades and reflects the sense of egotism that has crept in the functioning of the center over time. It is high time that they let go of it and grow up. It is time to give the judiciary its due.

Whatever the background may be, the fact is that from a population of approximately 846,387,888 people, India has come to be a country of 1.32 billion and still the number of judges remains a minuscule 21,000.

Justice is one of the four pillars of a democracy and delayed justice is equivalent to its absolute absence.There have been innumerable instances of people dying midway in a legal battle, that had been running for over 25 years. Instances such as these, form the foundation of the loss of faith in the judiciary.

Thousands of screams go unheard at the courts every year and the government needs to rise to our rescue in this hour of need. We’re not a tiny country. The government has to come to terms with the fact that we’re huge and function accordingly.

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