Just Love


Giving a bunch of red roses is not love,
But spreading the fragrance of happiness all around me is

Love is not thinking about me all day
Its about having me in your dreams

Love is not about saying you care
Its in those unsaid acts of kindness

Love is not a lavish date in a posh hotel
Love is that one call that says I am always there

Love is not expensive gifts
But those priceless tears in your eyes at the thought of you losing me

Love is not staying together all the time
But the electricity I feel once you are around

Love is not, you solving all my problems
But being with me,while I try and tackle them

Love does not intensify on the 14th of February
Love gradually grows every second of everyday

Love is not magic or extremely beautiful
Love is love
Love is not red hearts
Is well just love.

About The Poet

Sheena Singh

Sheena Singh (UIET,Panjab University)

Words are her best friends and poetry the best place to hangout with them. 20,acts 10,Engineer by chance,loves deep meaningful conversations over latte,interested in psychology,fiction fan,incurable romantic.


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