Just for Laughs: Stand-Up comedians changing the Indian Laughter Scene!


Just for Laughs: Stand-Up comedians changing the Indian Laughter Scene!

With YouTube reaching its peak and giving a way for creators to connect directly to their audience, the comedy scene in the recent years has been taken by a storm. Earlier, the comedy shows were limited from The Great Indian Laughter Challenge to The Kapil Sharma Show. But nowadays, just with a click, comedians from all across the country make us laugh out loud with their witty humour. Here are our few personal favourites, in no particular order.

  • AIB

Not including AIBwould be a crime! Gursimran Khamba, Tanmay Bhat, Rohan Joshi and Ashish Shakya are the four pillars of the group. From comedy sketchesto politics, they showcase it all in a clever and amusing way. From their Roast, to On Air with AIB, their sketches are guaranteed to make you laugh everytime.


  • Kenneth Sebastian

Kenneth Sebastian talks about middle class Indian people, from their restaurant laws to their in-laws, he shares it all. His keen observation about various cultures, dosa and guitar humour makes you laugh out loud.


  • Aditi Mittal

The bold, beautiful comedian doesn’t shy away from talking about taboos and intimate issues like menstruation to bra shopping. She is one of the first women to enter the male dominated arena of stand-up comedy. One of the foremost female comics of the country, her stand up shows are a must watch.



  • Amit Tandon

With a Punjabi background, his humour is based on day to dayon-goings in a Punjabi household. His hilarity as he describes the difficulties of being a Middle Class in Five Star Hotel to a growing up with a Punjabi father will have you rolling on the floor with laughter.


  • Atul Khatri

A businessman turned comedian, initially started his journey as a part of East India Comedy but parted ways with the group in 2017 and has since ventured individually into stand-up. A personal recommendation is his anecdote of Beiber’s concert.


Life is better when you are laughing, be it relationship problems or last-minute project submissions. A dose of comedy is sometimes, all that you need. It is the best form of therapy, the best form of exercise. So lighten up, laugh a little, enjoy the little moments of life.

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