I wear a thick eyeliner, and you assume on my attempts to impress someone.
I wear high heels, and you take that as an excuse to ‘support’ me.
I dress in plain T-shirts and you paint me like the dull hue in your canvas.
I pull my hair in a braid and you make the same judgment about my thoughts.
I go out after 9 and suddenly I’m no more a human, I’m a slut.
I shave my leg and you make that sound so desperate.
I don’t get the few bothering hair from my face pulled out, and you expect me to apologize for it.
I speak up and the shrill of my voice bothers you like you’ll go deaf.
I can’t speak in hushed tones, “Love me”, you’ll sure as hell make sure one of you does.
I want to study beyond graduation and you roll your eyes worrying if I’ll find a boy.
I do not want to study and you again roll your eyes wondering the same.
I take science and you worry about boys, I take humanities and you worry about my career, I take commerce and you worry about my finances.
I worry about myself and tell you not to, and you worry about two dark bags under my eyes.
I worry about my face and you tell me beauty is on the inside.
I try forming a personality and you make me conscious of my size.
I’m done making amendments to my body, mind and soul on the hands of your judgments.
And you, you want me to apologize for the way my hair curl, the way I walk, the way I talk, the way I eat, the way I breathe, the way I don’t accept you and I’m sorry, excuse me.

Oh, now you want me to be sorry about you standing in my way.
Yes, I feel sorry. I feel very sorry
But not for myself.
I feel sorry for you and your cracked windowpane of thoughts.
I feel sorry for the way you see the world, your view is limited to the black and white but I’m a rainbow.
And I refuse to stop shining at your will.

About the Poet:
Pragya Pasricha (Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Pragya Pasricha
(Dept. of Economics, PU Campus)

Constantly shifting from super energetic to unimaginably lazy while watching Sherlock episodes all day. I’m an enthusiast for good food, great music, enthralling conversations and of course, beautiful literature. Trying to make a difference, one word and one place at a time.



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