Journey Of One Foot Ahead To Two Steps Back


Dazing my eyes to the world aside

The erections narrating the tale behind

The techno world slaying at the top

Decorous losing the last hope

Mud turned itself into dirt

And the toddlers entered the 21st world

Embracing tods with a geek box

Romping turned into virtual talks

Balls now just trout out

Because the batting hands can’t suffer the sun out

Ramanujan stands on the statue trail

Cramming is just what sails

Learning pushed to the dark end

We say leading the world to another end

Morals are brutally butchered

Respect suffer these new trends

Love lines turned to black

Ego burning the lives hack

Cunning persons top the list

Money turns the truth flip

Molestation is so common

The justice pleads with the straw-man

Inquisitiveness faint in the sky

That suffer the pollution oversupply

A ray of hope is the only dream

Because what I hear are only screams!

About the Author:

Ritika Duggal (SD College 32)

Dreams don’t work for themselves you need to work for them. Hello, I Ritika Duggal is a writer as well as an illustrator.i love putting art in my words.Being an admirer of nature I carve them in my writings .I believe in listening more than speaking because my words speak on their own.


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