Jobs vs Entrepreneurship vs Higher Education : A Workshop by Entrepreneurship Cell , UIET



Photograph By : Harshit Sethi (UIET)

The Entrepreneurship Development Cell of UIET, Panjab University organised a workshop on ‘Job vs Entrepreneurship vs Higher Education’. EDC invited three panelists, experts in their respective fields, Mr. Akshay Ahuja (CEO of Robochamps), Ms. Prerna Kalra(A prominent HR) and Mr. Arshdeep Singh(Regional Head of Manya Education).

Mr. Arshdeep addressed us about pursuing higher education. He emphasized the importance of soft skills and mentioned that good grades despite being important, do not mean everything. He said that job adds to your real life experience and regarding foreign examinations he stated that they are merely a test of your mental capabilities.
Ms. Prerna Kalra clarified that being academically proficient doesn’t guarantee your success. You need to have the right attitude. The criteria for job selection is to grab the oppurtunity presented infront of you. She added on the importance of self-talk and imparted that “Knowledge is power”. During any interview you need to be genuine, make yourself stand out from the crowd and remember to say no if you don’t know the answer.
Mr. Akshay Ahuja implied that following a strict curriculum isn’t necessary, like one doesn’t need to follow the herd. One needs to have an idea and work upon it. He himself said,” I analyzed one thing. During my second year of engineering, my batchmates were discussing about the possibility of their placements and I just analyzed one thing, that if I didn’t make a company, my friends would not get placements.” He elaborated on the risks involved in pursuing entrepreneurship. Finally he said,” Don’t think how I’ll get a job after my graduation, rather think of how many jobs I can offer after a few years.”
A number of questions were put forward by the audience, primarily focusing on education abroad, job recruitment tactics and the risks involved in entrepreneurship. All in all, the event proved to be a success whereas the audience found their queries clarified.


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