JNU Row: Disguised as freedom, realized as bane


I won’t like to take sides in the heated debate of being an extreme-nationalist or being an anti-nationalist, but I would certainly like to add to what has been doing the rounds in the media these days.


Let me first give you a background. It all started when an event was held by the left backed student parties at JNU, after being declined the permission by the University administration. The event is said to be in opposition to the “Judicial killing of Afzal Guru”. Now Afzal Guru is the guy who was hanged for being the mastermind behind the parliament attacks. ABVP, the BJP backed Student Union went on to report the event organized and even protested against what happened at the campus. But wait, they aren’t the good ones either.


ABVP workers took part in the protest organized by the DSU, not as ABVP leaders but as DSU supporters. They shouted out loudly the slogans of anti-nationalism and so did the leaders of the DSU, for instance the Student Union President Kanahiya Kumar. Let me tell you that I am not the one making these claims, these are the claims made by various media sources and the Delhi police anyway. Now the sad part is, how all this has happened in the name of free speech!


This debate has turned the nation upside down. Some say that arresting Kanahiya in the name of sedition is wrong whereas the Delhi police claim that they have proof to back their action. DSU is an extreme-leftist group that was banned by the UPA government and ironically now UPA supports it just for the sake of opposing the government in power.


Rahul Gandhi, Arvind Kejriwal, Sita Ram all have been supporting the JNUSU President and have said that he was exercising his freedom of speech. Well if saying that they will fight to destroy India is freedom of speech, then I think there shall be no such freedom for the nation’s sake. If Congress is so much in for the free speech claim, then should I remind everyone of the dark period after Independence called the ‘Emergency’?


One tweet from Rahul Gandhi read “NDA government has displayed a dangerous tendency of undermining democratic freedom and crushing the voices of those who do not share their views.” This was in context to what has happened in JNU. So he clearly means that the JNUSU is against the NDA’s opinion and to establish the NDA’s opinion we have to look at the one of JNUSU. Their opinion is clearly not of seeing India as a strong united nation, so this establishes that what the NDA has in mind is a “strong India”.


The RSS has its own view on the matter and that is completely not what any of us would agree to or like. They are against Muslims, as we know and that is not acceptable. If the RSS and BJP don’t part ways, India will never see the “Achhe Din” that Modi promised. In Indian politics we don’t have an option to elect the one who will be best suited to govern the nation effectively; we have an option to choose the one who will be less harmful to the nation if elected.


Umar Khalid and Kanahiya may be innocent on the slogan allegations but are not so innocent when it comes to supporting Afzal Guru. For the sake of politics ABVP, DSU, INC, CPI, JD(U) all have ruined the scenario.


If you want to exercise freedom of expression do it in a way that hurts no one’s sentiment. Even I don’t believe that Yakub Memon should have been hanged I exercised my right to express and wrote about it (SEARCH FOR ARRESTED OR SURRENDERED on this site). I got a good feedback and this was done when he was just hanged and the debate was hot. Remember seeing any of them protesting then? No because they were not politically backed and Rahul baba wasn’t aware who Yakub Memon was!

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