Meet me in the fall,

I’ll be waiting like a jigsaw puzzle,

Wanting to be solved.

I’ll be a colouring book if you want,

But promise me;

You’ll colour in with your best colours.

I don’t like red,

For it signifies love;

And that love is false, pretence

For what you and I share,

is maybe yellow, or blue?

Cross your heart and say,

Say that you’ll find me in my black;

And bring me back to my white

But what if I don’t want to be in white?

What if I don’t want to be a colouring book?

What if I only want to be a jigsaw puzzle?

What if yellow, or even blue,

are not good enough?

Since yellow is too pale,

And blue gives me the blues;

But the pieces of a jigsaw…

they are parts of me,


Each part is a prized possession

Each of these pieces define me,

Make me, break me, raise me,

And then I fall,

Meet me in that fall

And I’ll be anything you want,

But just with a little bit of every piece

in me, forever.

About the author:

Saugat Suri- Gargi College, Du


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