Jasleen Kaur vs Sarvjeet Singh : Harassment or Publicity stunt ?


On August 24th , 20 year Jasleen Kaur from Delhi posted on Facebook the picture of a man on a bike who allegedly passed lewd comments on her and when confronted dared her to report him . The incident took place around 8pm at the Tilak Nagar traffic lights in Delhi . The accused was 26 year old Sarvjeeet Singh . The post went viral on social media . People flocked to sympathise with and appreciate the brave girl who had taken a stand against Eve teasing . People went so far as to say things like ‘ Not expected from a sardar ‘ . They called him names .They shamed his family . They shamed him . Some even managed to track him down and posted links to his profile in comments .Her post received over one lakh shares .Delhi Police was quick to act and the guy , against whom Jasleen had already filed a police complaint, was booked under section 354A ( punishment for sexual harassment) and 509 ( word gesture or act intended to insult the modesty of a woman ) and arrested.

Over night Jasleen became the ‘Bahadur Bachi ‘ of Delhi . The Delhi police even accounced a cash reward for Jasleen for her bravery and Jasleen basked in the glory. All this after listening to one side of the story .

Then someone interviewed Sarvjeets mother. She had a different story to tell . She said that her son was innocent .She called the whole incidence a publicity stunt as the girl was an Aam Aadmj Party supporter . Ofcourse , why wouldn’t she ? But what does suporting AAP have to do with the incidence ? Aren’t activists allowed to complain when they have been wronged ? But the media didn’t think so . Over night half her supporters turned into mockers . They believed that her being associated with a political oraganization increased the chances of it being a publicity stunt .This is how fickle the mob is .

When the accused was interviewed , he denied the whole thing altogether .In his statement to the media he said he was at the traffic signal when he and Jasleen got into an argument and she clicked a picture of him , threatening to post it and report him According to this he was the victim . This was the other side of the story .

But who should we believe – the brave girl or the victimised guy ? The media took sides . There were countless interviews with both Jalseen and Sarvjeet as the India tried to answer one question – was Jasleen lying ? All this went on until yesterday an eye witness came forward . And he broke the Social medias heart . Vishwajeet , who was apparently with his wife at the traffic light when the incident took place , decided to come forward when he saw how an innocent was being wronged . How an innocent GUY was being wronged . In his interview to various news channels Vishwajeet confirmed Saravjeets story . All that had happened between the two was an argument over traffic rules after which Jasleen took a picture of Saravjeet and posted it on Facebook .

During this time , Sarvjeet lost his job . He lost all credibility . His family was shamed in the locality . All this because one arrogant girl misused the most powerful tool in all of our hands- the social media .

And this is not the first incident of this sought . Only a few months back a video of two girls beating up a man in a bus in Rohtak went viral . They said that the man had tried to harass them but in reality it was just a fight over bus seats .

Seating at our desks or on our phones browsing through our social media pages ,we are very quick to pass judgements on everything we see . That without ever cross checking the facts . The social media has given the common man immense power .Power to make or break anything . But with that power comes responsibility . And it’s our responsibility to verify things we share or promote and not blindly follow the crowd . Yes sharing and reporting such things does help some people gain justice but often unknowingly you could be ruining someone’s life.We have always been taught to ” Think before we speak ” , I think its time we also learned to ” Confirm before you post(/share)”

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