Jann ki Baat: Encouragement for Students to Stay Away from Drugs


Nurture Nature Global and Legal Aid Clinic, University Institute Of Legal Studies have together zeroed down upon a series of nine Nukkad Nataks, to be held from September 26th to November 4th under the banner of ‘Jann ki Baat’. With Rotaract Club Shivalik supporting the event as ‘Club Partner’, the first of these nine plays was performed on the issue of ‘Drug Abuse’ on September 26, 2017 in the Student Center of Panjab University, Chandigarh, to raise awareness among the students against drug abuse.

Visual communication is one of the most effective ways of delivering an idea to a wide range of audience. A very relevant issue that our society is facing these days especially the youngsters, which not only affects the personal health but also the health of the nation, as a whole was conveyed through the means of the Nukad Natak. A message from similar age groups affects the students more compared to the guidelines given by the elders, and it negates any peer pressure.

In the play, the actors enacted the story of a youngster, and the pathetic conditions of the family of this addict, who is gripped with the problem of drug addiction and abuse, which is not very rare in the North Indian region. The play portrayed the story of a guy who went to college to study despite many financial problems. But his friends introduced him to drugs, cigarettes and alcohol, and he became an addict. When he went home, he started showing signs of withdrawal, and started fighting with his father. He seems to realize his mistake, and promises that he would never indulge in those activities again. Next in a dream-sequence, drugs, alcohol, etc, appear in human form and gather around him and try to force him to go back on the path of addiction again. But he remembers his promise and quits drugs with the love and support of his parents.

Everyday, countless teenagers face peer pressure to use drugs or engage in other dangerous behaviors. The growing use of drugs is not only affecting  individual’s life but has also been proved to be the leading cause of growing societal crimes, violence against women, family ruptures, and degradation of cultural values.

Students, who witnessed the play, instantly related with the issue of such peer pressure, and understood the gravity of it. The play was well scripted and each and every actor performed their characters really well and justified their roles in the play.

The play warned about “the outcomes of consuming drugs and other materials of intoxication, the pain it afflicts on its consumers is thousand times greater than the temporary pleasure it offers.” The actors presented different situations where the menace of drugs has consumed the lives of its takers and their families too.

The message was clearly conveyed to the youth, who appreciated the content of the play and acting of performers.

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Mamta (PGGC 11)

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Manmit Kaur (SD College 32)


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