‘Jann Ki Baat’ Brings Aaj Ki Durga


Women empowerment, a concept which itself is so crucial that it is the topic of discussion in many newspaper and magazine articles, but the question here is, are women really empowered? Even after passing so many laws and sections for women’s safety they are not safe. 

A street play was organized by Nurture Nature Global and Legal Aid Clinic, University Institute of Legal Studies in collaboration with Rotaract Club Shivalik on September 27th in Sector-17. The play was entitled ‘Aaj Ki Durga’ which highlighted the issues being faced by women even after 70 years of freedom. Through this act, they conveyed a message that girls are not helpless, they are just quiet. Every time it is a girl who is asked to ‘compromise’ and expected to just take things without complaining. They demonstrated various problems like discrimination on the basis of sex or gender, parents permitting their sons to go for higher studies but denying daughters’ their right to education and asking them to get married.

Other issues on which they focused were child marriage, female foeticide which are illegal but still being practiced in few areas. The matter of eve teasing was pointed which eventually leads to sexual harassment or rape. How for their satisfaction, physical and psychological, the predators disguised as civil men ruin an innocent person’s life. How a girl’s outfit is deemed as the cause of the rape, while the rapist have been accepted as a part of the society. ‘Ab bhai ladkiyo ko toh sambhal ke hi rehna padta hai.‘ 

Through the street play, they showed how females are always held responsible for everything even when they are the ones who are suffering from physical or mental harassment. The play was cusped with a poetry which meant that girls are not weak and can do anything. 

This thirty minutes act was enough to give goose bumps to every single person in the crowd and to make them aware about the reality of what is happening around them. People in the crowd lauded the students and expressed their interest with applause and hooting. 

About the Author:

Garima Khurana (PGGCG 42)

A girl who is in love with books and herself. Can be best described from her love for music and her guitar. 




About the Photographer:

Dheeraj Rathore (DAV College 10)


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