Jahan Geet Singh: Breaking Stereotypes on Her Way to Glory


A student of our very own Panjab University and a sensational Punjabi Dhol player- Jahan Geet Singh, a name that projects a picture of a girl who is always dressed in an authentic Punjabi aura, someone who is strong and feminine, someone who stinks of success churned with passion and hard work.

Her performances are well recognised by the masses in general and are well appreciated by the experts. Having received the distinction of being the youngest female Dhol player in the country, she has constantly come with ways to heighten the level of satisfaction and entertainment of her audience.

Not only this, but our in-house celebrity had been reviewed by international media and press and has being recognized as one of the uniquely talented Indians.

She was the first Indian girl to be noticed and published by TOM-TOM Magazine, a USA published magazine and a periodical for the world of drummers. She has also been awarded a Commendation Certificate in the field of Art & Culture by the Chandigarh Administration.

Having marked her way from regional to Bollywood space, she has earned recognition from regional talk shows on various channels like PTC Punjabi, ETC Punjabi, Jalandar-Doordarshan, Sony TV and made her mark on the silver screen by performing in reality shows like “Entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega” and “India’s Got Talent”.She is one of the speakers of TEDxChandigarh,2018, and has been classified as the youngest speaker for the same.

Let’s have a glance on her take towards her career and life while she shared her views with U Mirror:

 On What Makes her different: 

The heavy Dhol has always been hanging around the necks of men. She has ventured to barge into the hitherto male bastion by choosing this form of traditional form of music passionately. She waves around the myth that she is unique, putting forward the point that she is simply someone who channelized her energy and hard work in the right direction, and got lucky.

Her initial journey in the field: 

Almost 7 years back, she held the dhol for the first time, a time when it was difficult to even hold the drumsticks. When she decided to take-up dhol as a hobby, she was made an object of mockery for playing an instrument which is considered a forte of the lowercase and that too, men. She had to fight back a lot of negativity initially, from friends and neighbours, but her parents constantly motivated her to keep going, making her journey a tad bit easier.

Her aim in life:

Starting from small stage performances, she has now been working very effectively with government-organized events, and NGOs with a noble cause of creating awareness on various social and climate changes. She wants to give back to the society and tells us that her journey has always been about promoting traditional Punjabi culture and folk instrument worldwide.

And now traversing on to her way of glory by becoming the speaker at TEDx Chandigarh, she has given a sharp answer on the face of those people who once used to delineate her as an eccentric girl. With even more dreams to achieve and a lot of hurdles to cross by, Jahan Geet has an avid aim of staying true to her roots, yet reach the zenith of her career choice.

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