“Jago Punjab” Voiced by Capt. Amrinder Singh in PU


Picture by Guneet (MCM College 36)

The Law Auditorium, Panjab University was filled with cheers as the former Chief Minister of Punjab and PPCC President Captain Amrinder Singh graced the venue in an interactive session, “Jago Punjab” on 28th January 2016. Organized by the NSUI Party, the event revolved around the ‘Punjab Youth and its Aspiration’ and witnessed the discussion over various issues related to the adverse political condition, economic instability and social degradation of the State.

Capt Amrinder Singh opened up to answer the questions put forth by the audience and clearly condemned the ruling party in every sphere.
Catering to the problem of unemployment, he referred to the lack of potential investment even by the advisory body of the CM themselves and pointed out to the outflow of the funds that could have been used to provide employment opportunities to the Punjab Youth. He also made clear how the companies he brought in Punjab, one being Tropicana, was not allowed to function without interruptions.

Answering the question on drug abuse (in the Amritsar-Firozpur-Taran Tarn belt especially), he emphasized the need of Drug Addiction Centers rather than ending up the addicted behind bars.

Question on the delay of government grant of INR 40 crore to Panjab University was also taken up, with Capt. Amrinder Singh blaming Deputy CM of Punjab, Mr. Sukhbir Singh Badal for failing to keep the promise made a few months ago when he visited the campus. Keeping Haryana as an example, Capt Amrinder Singh very tactfully drew the line between the present monopoly of PTC News and his stand on efficient and expanded media in Punjab.

The session was so in sync with the responses that even after many questions been answered, many failed to avail this opportunity of being in one-to-one interaction with the leader, considering the time limit. The event was finally concluded with the vote of thanks, while the restless audience couldn’t keep themselves from going up on stage and meeting the icon of the day in person.

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