Jack Daniel’s Facts you never knew.

When you talk or think about No. 7, its always the finest whiskey isn’t it?
Jack Daniel’s is the brand of a Tennessee whiskey, Americas best whiskey company, ‘across the world’. The major fact about it is, that Tennessee is a dry
state yet the best whiskey is produced by it.
Here are the facts that makes JD Tennessee whiskey the best :
1) Charred barrels
The barrels in which the finest whiskey is stored to age are charred before it is poured into them. The main motive being to give the whiskey its enriched taste and color. The barrels expand over time, and the whiskey enters the charred pores in it, which tremendously adds to the smoky flavour.
2) Natural cave spring
Jack Daniel’s is produced at Lynchburg, Tennessee, by the Jack Daniel Distillery, which has been owned by the Brown-Forman Corporation since 1956. It uses a natural cave spring as the water source. The limestone makes the water rich in calcium which is also one of the reasons behind its taste. It is the only corporation to use a natural water source.
3) Mash
80% corn, 8% rye and 12% barley makes the mash of Jack Daniel’s. The mash is mixed with the water and then used for fermentation processes. 20% of the previous left over mash is added before fermenting it which adds on the quality for batch to batch production.
4) Charcoal mellowing 
Charcoal mellowing is the distillation process. The whiskey is distilled through charcoal which makes it the Tennessee whiskey. The liquor is cute via attacks of 10ft charcoal ricks, through which the whiskey is distilled.
5) Rickyard
The place where the ricks are stored for 6 months before they are converted into coal. 140 proof (a measure of the liquors potency) Daniel’s is used to burn the ricks for charcoal production so that there are no effects on the taste of the whiskey.Amazing, isn’t it? The drink that Frank Sinatra was buried with, the original No.7. Next time you see a Jack Daniel’s, remember the surprising twists and rich history of the whiskey.
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Anshika Sharma (PGGC 11)


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