Jab Harry Met Sejal: A Common Man’s Review


I am not a believer of words like cinematography, screenplay, sound design etc. for they are jargon which only the film fraternity (and the pundits) can understand. My endeavour here is to put things as simply as possible for the readers, from a common man’s viewpoint.

As far as Jab Harry Met Sejal goes, I must say, I was longing to see Shah Rukh Khan play the impish lover boy who flirts with every other girl he sees until he finds the heroine of the movie. And to my relief, SRK didn’t disappoint. He plays the character of Harry (Harinder Singh Nehra), a tour guide in Europe who is forced by an eccentric Gujarati girl Sejal, played by Anushka Sharma, to help her to find her lost ring. This is where the plot starts to unfold as they travel through the many places where the ring might have fallen.

As seen in the trailers, Harry admits that he is a hardcore pervert and Sejal would do well to stay away from him but Sejal is either too stupid or too desperate to insist that even if they have sex, Harry will be absolved of all the legal charges. This is where the fun part begins as Harry and Sejal embark on a journey to find the lost ring. The expedition is infused with some soul stirring music; my personal favourite is “Safar” by Arijit Singh. The song “Ghar” will be best enjoyed by people with a broken heart. “Beech Beech Mein” is a peppy dance number. Apart from the songs and SRK’s charm, the only good thing about the movie is the exquisite locations. If you ever plan a Europe trip, make sure you include these places in your itinerary.

I fail to understand what Imtiaz Ali was trying to achieve here. While the first half of the movie is built up perfectly for an emotional roller coaster involving Harry’s past and his story ahead with Sejal, the second half is foisted with too many songs making it sluggish. There is no mention of why Harry is still single and what makes him suddenly cry at odd hours. The audience expects a happy ending which happens but in a very superficial way. Imtiaz Ali has failed to touch the heart of the audience this time. I would have loved if the end was a bit more assertive and dramatic.

Nevertheless, Shah Rukh still manages to make women go weak in their knees. All those who want to learn the art of romance and seduction can take SRK’s performance as a case study. You can take your loved ones along and have a decent outing if you are ready to overlook the second half. As final words, I would say that this film did not do justice to SRK as it failed to show him at his wonted best!





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Vardhan Parashar (UBS, PU Campus)

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