#IWantToBreathe –The National Capital is Choking!

The Odd-Even scheme which seems to sprout at odd times is being scrapped off. Looks like the Delhiites still have to breathe in the toxic air. With the air pollution levels surging and entering the emergency situation, our National Capital is in trouble.
To counter the pollution, in 2008 Beijing implemented the rule prior to Summer Olympics to allow cars to run based on their registration number. The Delhi government wasn’t the first to come up with this car-rationing rule, but we still applaud them for actually trying to curb the pollution. Kindly note, the keyword is trying. But the earlier attempts, unfortunately, did get a ton of backlash and did not have any major impact on the air pollution levels.
The air quality has reached severe, and a major crime is a stubble (crop) burning in its neighboring areas. Other contributors are vehicular emissions, constructions, industries and residential fuel burning. 
Well, maybe third time is a charm? Alas no!  From November 13th to November 17th, the odd-even scheme was going to be implemented to tackle the grappling pollution levels, the congestion on the roads and as an attempt to revive the city. But, looks like before this scheme, could hit the roads again it was shelved. 
The Delhi government called-off the plan after NGT (National Green Tribunal), refused to give any exemptions to two-wheeler females or VVIPs as they did not want to compromise a women’s safety. NGT countered this by stating that two-wheelers are serious contributors to Delhi emissions and only emergency vehicles would be exempt from the same. If the plan would have been carried successfully, the DTC buses would have offered free rides for 5 days of the odd-even which would have added further added to the losses. The public transport is also ill-equipped to meet the demands of this scheme. 
The government is taking some other measures, like water sprinkling across the region in an attempt to help decrease the levels, banning entry of trucks, unless they are transporting commodities and also imposing a ban on constructions. A hike in parking fees by four times to encourage the general public to use the public transport is another initiative. 
This crisis arises each year without delay, yet the government always showcases a delay to act. Social media is trending with #IWantToBreathe, schools are being canceled and flights to the region are being deferred. 
Delhi is choking, the people are choking! When will we wake up?

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