its that time of the day…..


where i wait for the sun to rest and moon to show us what’s best

i keep wondering what can the moon show at night but to my surprise its light is brighter than bright.

clothed in darkness that light is not easy to see for u must have someone u can call we

the sun in its defence says whats wrong in its light ? i said nothing…its the people who keep asking me….can u ever be right?

fighting through odds and people who claim to be gods i am in that place again where i kill all my vain

in my bed i see the skies and there are less answers and more whys suddenly all my fears are put to end and i am more me of me and no pretend

hearing this the moon starts to brag but soon it goes from riches to rags a wounded sun rises from the ashes and my flight of joy soon crashes

ready to face the world again i leave my abode waiting for my talent to be again declared…sold

like a puppet i am in the hands of my buyer burning continuously like a house on fire

hunted and gutted down like a helpless prey a voice deep down calls…its that time of the day.

where i wait for the sun to rest and moon to show us whats best….

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Rohit Jindal (UILS, PU Campus, 2012 Pass-out)


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