Ishaan Sharma – Choreographer, Director , Dentist?


Ishaan Sharma, a third year student of Dr. HSJ Institute of Dental Science ,Panjab university, is known not only as a budding Dentist ,( And for his ardent devotion to actress Sridevi ),  but also as a Fashion show choreographer who has never lost a competition .

His winning streak began  with the fashion show at the GMCH fest Euphoria, followed by Zenith at PGI , Agaaz 2015 ,continuing as he set the ramp on fire at his own college fest, Ignition in November, 2015 .

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He started out in school when he was house captain by choreographing dances and plays. His first fashion show was here in Panjab University. Being a cinema freak he takes inspiration from cinema and loves drama. Ideas float in his head all the time he says . ” I don’t  believe in typical ramp walks, I feel a little bit of drama will always appeals to the audiences . After all I’m a dramebaaz myself na” 
His parents arent very comfortable with the fact that hes so inclined towards something which is poles apart from his stream… his stream being Dentistry. “Im doing BDS for my parents happiness” he said. His parents are apprehensive as this field has a lot of ups and downs and it is extremely dicey to reach a high level. ” I’ll take charge of my own life after BDS, that ways my parents will be happy and so will I” He wants to reach that point in life where he doesn’t need to ask for permission and can follow his heart freely. ” I’ll give it a try at-least….I wont give up without trying” .

When asked how he chooses people for various characters, he said

” I don’t choose only perfection, I want everyone, no matter how tall or short, slim or  plump to walk the ramp.  I dont go by looks, I go by the aura of the person. People who look melancholy are suitable for tragedy queen characters… people who are bubbly would suit happy characters. Im a bit bossy when it comes to assigning characters and I have to be brutally honest to make it work…. A person who weighs 85 kg can’t  play a zero figure character neither can a slim person play a chubby character. Identical body types are one of the keys to knowing which charcter would suit which person. Women walking the ramp in a lyrical manner give me a happiness like no other. I cried at my first fashion show at euphoria 2015….I felt so proud of my self and my team”. 

The fact that he manages 60-70 girls, despite the fact that girls are at times capable of throwing mind-wrecking tantrums is astonishing.



His success Mantra ?

“Choreography is no rocket science, I choose universal themes which the audiences can relate to.”

How does he find the competition here , at Chandigarh?

 ” I don’t really want to sound smug , but I feel very secure as far as competitors are concerned because winning again and again has given my confidence a boost”

His Winning strategy?


Does he ever find it difficult to manage college and this ? 

“I believe that medical studies have been hyped by the janta and that its not a very tough task to manage extra curriculars and studies all at the same time. ”

And How does he deal with the pressure of putting up good shows back to back ?

“Everything I put up in front of the audience is a team effort… the wins are shared and so is the pressure. I’m in a shell protected by my friends

Does he plan to make a future in the field ?

“I dont want to carry on with choreography instead I want to direct films.” He directed a short film in Gaiety theatre in his home town shimla  and the film was submitted to Berlin film festival and was the only official entry from Himachal Pradesh.

His moto in life

” I dont follow my heart blindly …I listen to my brain as well. People may get offended but it doesn’t matter because it’s very important to be realistic.”


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