Is social media drifting our personal relationships apart?

Social media, being the most powerful tool of networking, was initially created for strengthening our relations with friends and family member living far off. But now a days, the bond of connection is merely through these social networking sites. Direct personal contact is hardly visible at any sphere. These social networking sites are sort of ruining the close relationships be it between parents and their wards or husband and wife.
“Relationships are harder now-a-days because conversations have became texting; arguments have became phone call and feelings have became status update.”
This divide between relationship have grown due to increasing use of social media amongst youngsters. They just spend so much of countless hours scrolling through Facebook and Instagram or checking Snapchat stories or texting constantly. Even when one person has to say something to the other sitting in next room, he would prefer to text or call rather than direct personal contact. This way not only relationships are effected but also one becomes lazy.  Besides this, you are completely aware what your friend is having in dinner but ignorant about what your mother have cooked for you. You get to know which friend or cousin is out for holiday but hardly aware of the fact if your sister or brother is at home or not. In this way, face to face interaction is being affected creating social isolation.
Sakshi Khanna, mother of twelve year old daughter when asked to speak on this said, “My daughter is completely addicted to her phone. She hardly talks to me taking her eye off her phone. I had to repeat my statement in order to be understood.”
Vritika Khera, a mass communication student of BBK DAV College said, “These social networking sites are like platform to always be in touch with your friends. So easy to share your thoughts, memories with your friends which you even can’t share with your parents.”
These social networking sites have became our basic necessity just like food water and clothing. To discard using them would be next to impossible but what one can do is, while staying connected virtually be rooted to your own personal and family relations.

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Sehaj Arora (BA-JMC, BBK DAV College; Branch Amritsar)

Pursuing Bachelors in Journalism and Mass Communication from BBK DAV College For Women, Amritsar.  Ambitious about event management while always keen to have new experiences.


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