Is ‘She’ Still Considered a Homo Sapien?

I hear of a ten-year-old girl giving birth, I hear of a school girl being raped in the tri-city, I hear of a girl being eve-teased by the so-called educated crowd, I hear of a girl being gang-raped in a moving bus. And I hear a lot more such cries.

Eve-teasing can be defined as an arrogant and exploitative behavior towards the women which shows the aggressive form of sexual expression. The expression being socially unacceptable, ill-mannered and inappropriate which hurts the emotions and the sentiments that a woman posses. It is regarded as a mark of lowering the self-respect of a woman in public.

 Our culture nurtures the concept of women oppression and the society is expected to abide by it. If a girl is walking in a school uniform and men around her are talking filth about her, we the Indians will surely blame the girl for walking on the roads. Everyone has the right to wear what she/he wants, but the society has a habit of poking in everyone’s choice. A survey that made my spine shiver, states harassment is faced more by women, who wear traditional clothes than those who opt for the western ones.

The so-called Mard (men) in our society should be taught to respect women. There are numerous cases in which girls have ended their lives just to get rid of the shame they are put to by unknown hogging men feasting their eyes on them, and communicating bad remarks about them.
The narrow mindset of the society requires a complete transformation.  The cultural macho image of men needs to be changed.  Eve-teasing is closely linked with the patriarchal mindset of people. Considering men to be physically stronger than a girl does not provide any right to molest them, to tease them. We have a see-saw attitude towards women. On one hand, we worship her as a goddess, but on the other hand, she is just a commodity for us. I am very ashamed to write this, but we live in a country like India, where girls are neither saving inside the womb nor outside it.
For the society to flourish it’s necessary for the yin and yang to be in harmony. Goals can only be achieved if there is a feeling of togetherness, belief, and respect.
Quoting Guru Gobind Singh Ji “Soo Kyo Manda Aakhiye, Jith Jamme Rajann”which states “how can we talk bad about women, who have given birth to the mightiest of the mighty.”

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Aditya Sharma (GGDSD College 32)

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Hello, This is Aditya Sharma, a budding writer, who feels that words can be transformed into emotions and feelings. The pen possesses the power to change the world, and I believe in being a change! 

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