Is it always necessary to go for the extraordinary?


Why has the verb of ‘doing’ started being attributed to the noun of ‘extraordinary’!

A handful of people diverting their ways just to make themselves content, has in some way belittled the ones following the usual even though that makes them content enough to pursue their lives without any touch of dismay.

An engineer who has persevered through his engineering and now has a job paying him reasonably well, with a teeny-tiny family just how he wanted will always be depreciated. On the other hand, another story would be showcased involving a person who has ditched his engineering, has remodelled his career just to pursue singing, has taken the risk of not listening to his family and has flourished. The latter’s story will find many thrilled, while the former will be deemed as the last one to tap inspiration from.

Just to excite themselves and those associated with them, people have started going for something which is barely done and apparently way out of their league just to exhibit that they are different from the normal. Well, if it is something your passion can count on, it’s worth doing. But doing it just to prove something unnecessarily superfluous is nothing but a step farther from one’s own self. People who have not taken such major turns are judged as the ones with low confidence and faint-heartedness! Neither are they considered applicable to give any pep talks just because they went for something which wasn’t subject to aversion by many, turning back to the fact that even they are warriors. Even they needed inspiration while they pursued their regular ‘choices’.

Everything is categorised by us all to make it convenient for us to grade it as superior or inferior. But what our callousness makes us ignore, is the fact that there are no standards which actually exist to make us confident enough to convict something as inferior or superior. Everything is based on perspectives.

The idea of life we have contained so far may not even be an option in someone else’s life but that serves as no basis to prove that either of them is unjustified.

Going out of way, when the way visible was the one you wanted doesn’t really make you a star. Each way, be it common or uncommon, has its own alluring destination. In as much as a choice is made by many, it doesn’t become a less special one.

The extraordinary was never unearthed to demean the ordinary. Each has its own comeliness.

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Harkeerat Kaur (GGDSD College 32)



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