Is College Politics All About चलो मंत्री बनें ?


Already fascinated by College Thrills? Then, let me add some more fuel to the fire! Add the subject of COLLEGE POLITICS in your fascinated list. Because, surely it is the hottest subject to be discussed about and if interested, the liveliest experience to be experimented!

But, the burning question strikes out my mind in a second when we think of College Politics: Are College Politics justified? It is a subject of drawing difference of opinion. Some of the eyes say that, students must be involved in Student Politics.

To be frank, college is just not about getting dressed casually and feeling relieved from your daily school dress or attending classes and keeping your attendance up to the mark of 75%(though it is also important if you are not willing to pay the fines) and returning back with your brain stuffed with Akbar’s unique religion, or what all crops and minerals are found in different parts of India! It should be a source of an overall development with a very diverse exposure to this vast world and its various fields.

According to the positive eye, students are tomorrow’s citizens and the literate community who can easily sense out future happenings. We are the young blood of our country and probably, this ‘Politics thing’ instills in us some of the best human traits.

Let’s illustrate it with a more lively example. Ask any Humanities students about his ambition!

The most common answer you will surely get is to serve the nation through different Civil Services. Then, I think Student Politics is the best platform to prepare and brush yourself up for your service towards the nation. And, the secret is that COLLEGE POLITICS IS REALLY ENTERTAINING! While it might not be as entertaining as going for a night out on a Friday night, but, it is quite really a fun! I recall being fascinated by this process in 2017 during my freshman year.

Elections come with everything, from the drama of campaigns prospering and collapsing, to watching various “negative” campaign ads. Being a spectator can be more exciting (which I have experienced personally!) Various butterfly-provoking thoughts arouse like is my candidate ahead in the polls? What is their latest blunder?

Just think, this fun occurs only once a year and that is THE ELECTION SEASON and followed by the vigorous debates with your friends and family about the hot-current political effect which continues till the last day of final elections.

The most exciting part is, when you are paying attention to the Professor (which can really be the first time 😉 and suddenly a flock of “नेता type” boys enter and start delivering a cheesy speech of their accomplishments in their “CAREER OF POLITICS”! Then, it is followed by the infinite efforts of persuasion to vote them just because they are different from the other party in a way of “NONVIOLENCE” ;)! How cool it sounds!

These candidates do fulfill some of their promised promises like they help the freshers in their academic processes of admissions and keep a strict vigil on management’s hot decisions. They win our confidence when they don’t give a second thought before sitting on a protest even on a trivial issue!

I must say that college politics is a full pack of entertainment, and yes, it also comes with some dangers like taking a turn into personal rivalries and increasing violence but, no doubt it is a platform for diverse exposure.While, I don’t expect everyone to rush out and become members of various associations and parties, consider taking time this year to look up from the busyness of life and take stock of what’s going on around you!

About the Author:

About the author:-
Anureet Kaur Dhillon (DAV College 10)
“An ambitious maiden who desires to change the perspective of people about life through her writings!A medical tricity topper who is allured by this sphere dreams to become a prolific and versatile writer! A wallflower who loves music,food and enjoys the company of witty personalities!A clear thinker who wishes to serve the nation through civil services and writing is merely a tool used by her to convey her voice to the masses!”



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