Irrefutably Beautiful


Me and a friend of mine were leaning against a wall,looking down from the balcony of a small, cozy cafe. The ambiance was peaceful and the only sound we could hear was the burble of the brook flowing profusely from our left side, finding it’s way through huge grey and ivory coloured rocks of different sizes.We saw a tiny bird, smaller than the size of my hand. She was jet black in colour with a white tail wing and milky white polka spots on both her wings.Petite and dainty she swiftly flew from rock to rock, you would blink your eyes to find her on a different one. Her elfin charm was mesmerizing. “look at that one” he said.I looked towards the direction he was pointing, to see a majestic bird.This was slightly bigger than the previous one. She seemed to have a flawless velvet coat of feathers. Which was  a darker shade of the royal blue colour. She was flying from one spot to another. Fluttering her wings now and then,exhibiting an extraordinary delicate poise. We looked at these beings in  awe and without thinking I blurted out “which one is more beautiful?”. He looked at me and then thoughtfully looked at the birds once again, “I can’t say” he said, still trying to come up with an answer. As he turned to look at the little bird, we saw her fly somewhere in between the rocks and she disappeared. I regretted not capturing her picture on my camera. But had I tried to do so and not paid attention to the moment, I  probably wouldn’t have such a vivid memory of her in my mind. It was just satisfying to get a glimpse of this beauty. “I really can’t say” he said again, I realised he was still dazed by the question. It dawned upon me, how could we possibly compare these two amazing birds? How could we compare two artistic expressions of nature? How could we decide which one was better or more beautiful when both were created from the same spectrum of colours we see? How is it even possible to compare them in an ordinal way?

I realised his answer was right – we can not. We cannot compare. We cannot examine in contrast the exquisite creation of the universe and analyze which one is worthier. How often we compare two people in terms of their appearance. Aren’t these people also the unique expressions of the nature? We see people of different body sizes and shapes.They have differently shaped faces, eyes, nose and lips.We see people with variant colour of hair and different texture or complexion of skin. Apart from this we see people with distinct ways of living,creative expression and types of intelligence. So why do we compare them? What if all of us looked the same? Also what if all the birds appeared the same, like the little black one or the bigger majestic one? How incredibly boring that would have been.Also we wouldn’t have stood there for such a long time and gawked at those birds in stupefaction. I was so wrong to even ask that question,though I highly appreciate his answer. But what if he had actually answered my question and selected one bird? The answer to this question would be highly subjective, variable, impermanent and situational. So what’s important to remember is, JUST BECAUSE SHE’S BEAUTIFUL, DOESN’T MEAN YOU AREN’T. We are also like those different birds.And personally,I myself could not decide which of those two appealed me the most. I just couldn’t even imagine an answer to my own dumb question.

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