Irfan’s take on Qurbani under fire!


Commenting upon Qurbanis’ of Bakri Eid, Irfan Khan recently came under fire, and is supposedly staying in the same melting zone for a good deal of time. 

According to a report, he said, “Rather than fasting during Ramzan, people should self-introspect. Animals are being slaughtered in the name of Qurbani during Muharram. We, Muslims, have made a mockery of Muharram. It is meant for mourning, and what we do? Take out (tajiya) processions.”

He faced a lot of flak from all corners, for mocking the Muslim customs. However, when you look at it with another perspective, one does realise that the essence of the sacrifice is detachment.

The ‘Qurbani’ is probably aimed at ridding one’s self of the attachment from materialistic possessions and moving a step closer to the divine, diving beyond the realm of ‘me’ and ‘mine.’ But buying a goat from the market for a few thousand rupees and sacrificing it, which is something that really takes place in today’s time, may in a sense defeat the real purpose of sacrifice.

There is a sense of belongingness, that comes with an animal raised by one, as their own. It is surely something which isn’t sold, with the selling of an animal for sacrifice!

During the days of the prophet, man reared animals for survival and a goat meant a lot more than just being one.

Without undermining the prevalent customs, one can make an additional sacrifice, perhaps in terms of some charity for the poor. Won’t it make Eid better for those, who would have gone to bed hungry otherwise? 

This would in a sense add to the Qurbani and make Eid even better!

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