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SACCM’s MUN Society Organised ‘Intra College Model United Nations Conference 2018’ on 11th – 12th September, 2018 at Sri Aurobindo College of Commerce and Management, Ludhiana. The Committees were International Atomic Energy Agency, United Nations Commission on the Status of Women and International Press. Around 80 delegates participated in two councils along with International Press. The conference was conducted under the valuable guidance of Prof. Marinal Gupta and Prof. Japleen Kaur.

The Agenda of United Nations Commission on the Status of Women (UNCSW) was ‘Discussion on approach of achieving sustainable development goal of gender equality.’ The Committee debated for 6 sessions after which the delegates were questioned by the Journalists of International Press. The committee drafted a working paper which included the points to improvise the status of women in world. The delegate of Russian Federation, Lakshay Thapar became the Best Delegate and delegates of Iran (Tavleen Kaur), United Kingdom (Ishpreet Kaur) and Ireland (Mukul Singla) grabbed High Commendation, Special mention 1 and 2 respectively.

The International Atomic Energy Agency discussed the agenda of ‘Nuclear Waste Management with special emphasis on strengthening the protection at nuclear facilities’. The President of MUN Society, Miss Aashna Jain chaired this committee of 42 delegates who represented different nations and their strategies for nuclear waste management. Ishneet Kaur, delegate of Syria, won the Best Delegate. Akshit Garg (France), Prerna Jain (Pakistan) and Raghav Garg (Kuwait) won High Commendation, Special Mention 1 and Special Mention 2, respectively.

International Press was headed effectively by Japleen Kaur with Dipansh Sharma as Head of Photography and The Organising Committee did a stellar job by facilitating a smooth flow of the conference.

Principal Dr. R.L. Behl with Director Education Dr. Sushil Kumar graced the conference with their presence in Inaugural and Valedictory sessions. Prof. PS Bhogal, Head of Pol Science Department, Arya College, Ludhiana was the Chief Guest. As the MUN came to a close, Prof. Japleen Kaur mentioned that the MUN is the best exercise to enhance the Public Speaking ability with great confidence to widen your perspectives and augment quality of diplomacy. To conclude, SACCM’s Intra MUN was a huge success with highly interactive and rewarding sessions full of debates and learning.

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Rattandeep Singh Oberoi (SACCM, Ludhiana)

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