Interactive session on drug abuse held in MCM


 Photography by Guneet Kaur

An interactive session on the theme of “Drug Abuse” was organized by the JOSHI FOUNDATION in the MCM DAV College For Women on 19th January 2016.

The event began with a video that showcased the immense negativity that surrounds those trapped by the malady of drug abuse, as also the contribution of the Joshi Foundation to the prevent the same. Founded by Mr. Vineet Joshi, the Joshi Foundation is dedicated to the eradication of the evil of drug abuse, that plunges our nation and aims at spreading awareness about the burning issue that has ruined today’s youth. To tackle the challenges posed by drugs, after a Round Table Conference on January 8th last year, an initiative was taken to spread awareness by holding campaigns. Since then 56 such campaigns, of which 3 have been held in Chandigarh, have been initiated by the foundation.

The Panelist included Mr. Joshi, the founder of Joshi Foundation; Sh Avinash Rai Khanna, a member of Rajya Sabha from the Hoshiarpur Constituency; Mr. Balaji, DC Chandigarh; Mr Vijay Dev, the advisor to the UT Administration; Mr Dinesh Kumar, the General Secretary of the BJP Unit of Punjab and Mr. Saurabh Joshi, a local Counselor.

The discussion began with Mr Vineet Joshi’s address to the audience, about the profound impact that drugs have on our life. He highlighted the need of awareness and importance of proper parenting, urging them to be responsible and aware parents in the coming future.

It was followed by a few words by Mr. Dinesh Kumar and Mr. Balaji, who talked about how drugs have destroyed the sportsmen of Punjab.

Mr. Vijay Kumar Dev on the occasion laid emphasis on being healthy citizen. Terming health as a generic term, he talked about both the psychological and physiological aspects. He explained how that healthy individuals are a key to progressive nation and urged the students to become a “demographic divident and not a demographic disaster.”

The event concluded with a pledge, taken by the students, to fight drug abuse and steer clear the vicious cycle of intoxicants.

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