Induction and Orientation of NSS Volunteers at DAV College


Induction and orientation program for the new volunteers of NSS was held in the Main Auditorium of DAV College, Sector-10 on the August 9th, 2017. The vogue was so hyped that not even 1 out of 400 seats was left vacant for the ebullient ‘want-to-be-volunteers’. The event started at 9:30 A.M as was promised to all. The recruitment process was so intense and vivid that it took 5 long hours to select the final candidates.

coverage-4The program officers, Dr. Kulvir Sra Dhindsa, Prof. Amitabh Dwivedi and Dr. Raman Kamboj apprised the volunteers about the motto and aim of National Service Scheme (NSS), “Not Me, But You”, to which each and every volunteer was seen abiding by. A senior volunteer, Nitin Kaundal, who has been connected to this group since the last four years said, Today, with this event we want our college and other people to know that we have always been awesome in all the activities we have done so far, and we are not going to stop with just that. We are going to be much more than ‘just- awesome’ in this upcoming year.

After the induction ceremony was over, the principal of college, Dr. B.C. Josan, enlightened the students about the importance of cleanliness at home, society, environment and most importantly about the cleanliness of mind. The students did seem to be moved by his words. An oath ceremony was held, where the students and teachers along with the principal took a pledge to keep their environment and society clean. They fondly called it the ‘Swachhta Oath.’

NSS of DAV college got the 3rd prize from Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports under the young leaders award last year and it was obvious why they got the title by the way they showcased their talent in making today’s event a huge hit among the students.

coverage-3Altogether, each and every volunteer gave their best and left no stone unturned to make this event a huge success story among the students and the teachers. The event’s impeccable execution set a standard for the new recruits that they would be enduring to match in this coming session.

Undaunted by the work that lies ahead and fervent with a sense of service to the society, each and every new member of the DAV NSS team left the auditorium with an invigorated spirit.

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Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

Divisha Singh (DAV College 10)

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Tanvi Gawri (DAV College 10)

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