‘Indo-Pak Committee’ flagged off discussion in DAV


The Economics Society of DAV College conducted an event, ‘Indo-Pak Committee’ at the Conference Hall in DAV College on September 28th, 2016. The agenda of the conference was ‘Kashmir Terror Issue‘.

Commencing with the opening statements by the Prime Minister of India and Pakistan, the conference went on for six hours; including two breaks and three moderated caucus.The sub topics discussed were the Baluchistan issue and Indus-Water Treaty issue.

The documentation of the event was in the form of a press release. With two chairpersons, twenty-two delegates and five media persons; this exceptional conference was amazing to witness.

The event concluded with the presenting of trophies of the ‘Best Delegate’ and the high commendation; which was bagged by Vineet Bhatia and Sanjana Arora respectively. Special mentions were of Aastha Gupta, Anmol Singh and Neeraj Kumar, while the verbal mentions were of Dipesh Jindal, Kamran Bhardwaj and Akshay Nagpal.

It was a whole new experience for the society members about which they seemed delighted.

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Isha Chauhan (DAV College 10)


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