Indian Government to Take Classes from PU to Learn the ‘Art of Fine-ing’


It’s high time, when our beloved government needs to impose re-studied fines, it’s high time when our government should look into it’s fine structure and see the loopholes in the same, and it’s high time when our government should learn something from our university, Panjab University. Our university has done PhD in imposing fines and collecting the same, and guess what? Our Government is being taught ‘fine-ology’ by none other Panjab University.

We, the students of Panjab University are well aware of the trauma which we all go through when the end of semester comes. The trauma is not from the exams, or the internals, the trauma is from the fines, which dig a deep hole in our (parent’s) pockets. This year was no different, Panjab University and most of it’s affiliated colleges have already released the defaulters list with amount of fine written in front of our names. The list is having a longing effect on us, from a lecture by our Pujniya Mata Pita and the wicked laugh we have hear (of the authorities) in our nightmares.

Looking at this and the poor fining structure in India, the government decided to talk to our authorities and they decided that a course of about a month will be provided to the government authorities so that they can excel in the art of fining. The course shall start in January with the beginning of the even numbered semesters, and will be taught from the department of fine-ology.

According to one of the Government officials, “We are amazed to see such an organised fining system. Despite having thousands of students in the University, they have managed each student’s fine very well. We are definitely looking forward to learn from the University and put that experience in our system.”

An advice from a student of PU to the population of India: Do not miss your classes, or you will have to pay 1000’s, or your Aadhar number will be blocked, hence, questioning your own existence.
Disclaimer: Bogus Bulletin is our own way of spreading rumors with some believably fake news. We all can actually hear the wicked laugh of PU’s Authorities while paying the huge amount of fines. If our University start teaching the course then it will definitely add another star to it’s chest. 

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