India Has These Odd Professions Too, Did You Know?


With the beep of the alarm, every day one forces himself to get up in order to reach in time for his job. The pathway, from bed to the office desk, then again to his bed is for the individual to earn money for himself and his family. We have doctors, IT professionals, teachers, business men, government servants, CA’s, engineers and a lot of people engaged in variety of work to earn their living, but in this write-up, we will be picking the most unusual jobs that are practiced in India.

    • Professional Mourners– Yes, you read it right. Popularly known as Rudalis, professional mourners are the group of people who earn their living by crying at funerals and other mishap. Usually dressed up in black, they get cash for shedding their tears.
    • Roadside Ear Cleaners– Many of us might have seen them, on roads or at public places with a thin iron needle, which they use as their tool to remove ear wax. Some of them also claim to be ear doctors and come up with remedies for ear problems as well.
    • Genealogist- Popularly known as the Pandas, these are the people who keep full records of Hindu Families. Their record books indicate the birth dates, family records and death dates of the Hindu families. These people can be easily found in or around Haridwar.
    • Pet Food Taster—Your pet’s food is approved by professionals and only then is it packed for your pet. The taste, ingredients, vitamins and all other factors are monitored by these professionals, and only then are the food samples approved.
    • Tea Testers—For tea lovers it may sound like a dream, but in reality we have tea testers for various tea companies. Their job is to check the aroma, all other essentials things in the tea leaves.
    • Queue Chargers– Many people have turned it into a profession in which an individual stands in a queue for money. The money charged is on the basis of the length of the queue in which he is standing.
    • Human Scarecrow– Another field job is that of human scarecrow. An individual has to protect the field from birds and animals, and gets paid for the same. Usually the individual is dressed in bright clothes, in order to make the birds aware of his presence.

India is a diverse nation and has also displayed diversity in the variety of jobs Indians are practicing to earn their living.

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