Importance of Blood Work


One can look beautiful/handsome from the outlook but what’s happening inside can be altogether a different scenario. Cardiovascular disease for example can take decades to progress.cholestrol and triglycerides testing can help you identify and control early risks.

Following is the checklist that is must for anyone whether male or female:


-Lipid profile

-Liver function



-Electrolytes and minerals.


Thyroid: it is regarded as Very important to keep a check of your thyroid activity atleast once a year. Hyperthyroidism could be the reason in weight gain whereas if your thyroid gland is overactive it can lead to heavy weight loss.


Lipid profile: the lipid profile is considered as one of the most fundamental of all the blood tests as one should have good cardiovascular system as heart has to work 24×7 and that too throughout the entire life span.


Liver function: liver function panel is a blood test that can reveal your liver health .fasting of 8-12 hours is must before the test, One must share with the doctor if taking any sort of medicine because some drugs might affect the test results.


Blood: a full blood count is one of the most commonly run blood tests and can give you a good idea of overall health in every aspect. A full blood test will give you the measures of WBC (responsible for fighting infection), platelet count (vital for clotting and healing), HB and RBC.


Kidney: this panel primarily covers three aspects urea, uric acid, creatinine. Problem here can indicate some serious issue with the functioning. High meat consumption or supplementing creatinine with high dosages can elevate the creatinine levels.


Electrolytes and minerals: these are examined to help detect problems with the fluid and electrolyte balance. Abnormal values can help you detect as small as sodium and potassium deficiency.


Apart from the above listed blood tests, fasting glucose is also done to determine if one is hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic. problem with these numbers can reveal many other health issues like stress, kidney diseases, liver failure, diabetes and metabolic syndrome (that includes high BP, high blood sugar, cholesterol and abdominal fat)

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