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3rd Nov 2015: A beautiful congregation of the young poets, writers, story tellers and shayars realised itself in the warm ambiance of “The Rumour Mill” here today. The meet was a joint venture organised by “The Shire: PU Book Club” and “KaviTacTic” to celebrate the infinite ideas of love, beauty, thoughts and existence. It turned out to be a huge success with a strong gathering of artists performing and appreciating with equal fervour. The intensity of these thoughts was such that it would have put many such top notch events to shame.

The people, many of whom were melting quietly into the crowd, sipping on to their cappuccinos, captured the souls of the audience, once they held the mikes. The applause was thundering. The vibe was electric. And the atmosphere brewing with a strong aroma of admiration.

The explicit intonations, the loud intensity, the tacit agreement and the poignant emotions: it had it all. Anyone who was a part of the meet saw themselves grow in a span of a few hours. The meet was essentially an elaborate poetry at play with an intriguing beginning, many mesmerising stanzas and the conclusive proof of being.

“That it was a play going on; and everyone contributed a verse”

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Vanshika Fotedar (ECO Dept, PU Campus)

A believer of the concept of unity in the infinity. And a lover of words.Hexalingual. Ideology in life: “Non Ducor Duco”.


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