“If PU Turns Into A Resort, We’ll Assure Special Discounts To The Alumni In Order To Compensate”, Says Dean


It has not been long since the Punjab and Haryana High Court observed that the University Grants Commission “might convert Panjab University into a resort,” if the UGC was going to adopt different yardsticks to release funds to it than it does for other universities. The ‘unprecedented’ fund crunch has a long history to trace. It has no only left the University authorities in dismay, but has also led to delay in payment of salaries to the faculty.

Keeping in view the grim reality of fund crunch in Panjab University, the Dean of Accounts Department Mr. Hisaab Gill tweeted that if PU turns into a resort, the authorities will assure special discounts to the alumni in order to compensate.

In an exclusive conversation with our correspondent he said, “There are over 2.5 lakh students who are pursuing their education at Panjab University, and it is really disheartening to put their future at stake. However, turning PU into a resort might come as a sigh of relief for the students of Hotel Management who can take this as an employment opportunity. Moreover, we will ensure that there are special discounts for the alumni and the faculty of Panjab University. After all, charity begins at home.”

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Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

Bhavya Gaind (SD College 32)

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