If Planets Were Humans?

Have you ever thought about how planets are if they were humans? Have you ever closed your eyes and weaved unearthly ideas in your mind?
Why would you? You just ponder about life, work and all things related to your own self. Well, I am downright confident that you can’t even name the all eight planets in a row without singing My, Very, Efficient, Mother, Just, Served, Us, Nuts. For some, it is as puzzling as remembering human names like Stephan, Thomas Elva Edison or Mini (that’s quite easy though) So, in past days I was thinking about what if planets were humans, not gods or ‘greh‘ (Mangal, Shani, Shukr).
What if they too are drained doing their routine jobs i.e rotating in their own orbits. Where on the other side, asteroids are the relatives who come, checks on them like annoying guests visiting during festivals. In my head, Mercury and Venus are the two sweet sisters or two best friends. (they are close) Earth is old and has health problems. She was suffering from stomach aches and trust me, in her ultrasound she is diagnosed with 7.6 billion worms. Mars as a human is an angry young man because it’s red or maybe it is a woman with rosy cheeks who has been asked out by Jupiter.
According to me, Jupiter is like John Cena, masculine, large and strong. (Oh! Maybe that is why Mars is blushing) Uranus is the butt of jokes every time and Neptune, well, he’s got chill. Last but not the least, Saturn has rings so, maybe she is married. But the question is with whom? (I think Pluto is up to some mischief here)

Also, apart from planets. I would love to talk a little bit about stars. From my personal perspective, Stars will remain stars, that’s when Mars or Jupiter or any other body will look towards them (planets can have their breakdowns too), they will realize how alluring this world/galaxy is or how wee their problems are.

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Mini Verma (MCM DAV 36)


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