If Modi and Obama switch places

Quite an interesting set of events and deliberations could be indulged in, if Narendra Modi and Barack Obama switch places. For this we need to consider both perspectives of this whim.
Firstly, if the Indian Prime Minister leads the United States, he would find himself in a rather unfamiliar situation. It’s simple. Politics in the United States does not function by en-cashing minorities, making vote banks out of vulnerabilities and propagating communal and religious divides instead of unity.

Our worthy Prime Minister would be faced with the problem of running an administration that works on ethics and immediate redressal of its citizens’ grievances. That’s something far fetched in the present Indian scenario, where justice and redressals take decades to be served.

Many thousand miles east, India would be looking at its first African American leader who, in my opinion, would end up having a mighty fine time here. Sure, our politics is dirtier than any other country’s (who knows though) but Obama is smarter, sleeker than he seems to be. He won’t have a problem as far as obedience is concerned because we Indians just seem to respect anyone and everyone from ‘pardes’.


There’s also an added incentive of him being neither Muslim nor Hindu. Seems like a win-win situation.
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