Identity of a Woman in a Patriarchal Society

Why is a woman known by her father’s and then husband’s name? Isn’t her name enough for her introduction? If it is that important to know a person’s background, then isn’t a mother an integral part of it? In growing up a child, the efforts of a mother in no way are less than a father; then why is it that in an individual’s aadhaar card, driving license etc only the father’s name is mentioned and not the mother’s? Why a mother and her hard work is always kept behind the scene? 
It seems like a mother who keeps the baby in her womb for 9 long months and performs endless sacrifices to raise her child in the best way possible, has no credit to be given. What also seems to be in effect is that the pride of ‘dominant gender’ of our country plummets by adding mother’s name as well on all the important cards/documents of a child. Such a shame, that even in 21st century women are not considered as important as male members of the society! 
One may question, from birth to death, what does the society expect a woman to do? Sacrifice? Live at her father’s place with his name then leaving that house and adjust in her husband’s locality, accept all customs, rituals and then adopt his name. Tell the world that her ‘identity’ has been changed. She’s known by someone else’s name now. Taking all the pain and performing all her duties well, nurture their kids to perfection and give them (again) their father’s name. Where is her existence? 
Don’t you think in this patriarchal system, women should also have her stand? Some importance? Why all her pain and sufferings fall on deaf ears? Why just being a man entitles him to all the credits? And most importantly, when will the much awaited change come? 
Following our father, Mahatma Gandhi’s saying – “Be the change that you wish to see in the world”
Lets start by appreciating the woman behind all of us, our mother. Let us ask to add our mother’s name also in our aadhaar card, driving license, ID cards etc. She plays equal part in making our identity as our father’s do; let’s give her, her credit. We are not born from our father alone, we are our mother’s offspring also. Female is the only species that gives birth. There is nothing without her. She made you and your father as well.  

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Harshita Verma (Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi)

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