I will speak the truth, and nothing but the truth

Provocative under garments,my lord
Exhibit ‘A’ presented to the court
Is what got my clients lured,
Their innocence is assured!
Is this your’s madam?,his voice so hoarse
A slight nod as she stands there,otherwise inanimate
I object! the defence is making baseless propositions
This inhuman behavior is what i abominate
I request the doctors to medically castrate
These men are in a heathy system,lesions
Tight knot,pink color rope,and her room’s ceiling
She stands on the desk to contemplate
Suspension or drop,the type of hanging
This should be good,she had a feeling
She went for dinner that night,and was served on their plate
Who was guilty? Who got served?
Lying next to her cold skin,
Her mother was charged.
About The Poet
Sheena Singh

Sheena Singh (UIET, PU Campus)

Words are her best friends and poetry the best place to hangout with them. 20,acts 10,Engineer by chance,loves deep meaningful conversations over latte,interested in psychology,fiction fan,incurable romantic.


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