I married these twenty-six alphabets!


What am I doing apparently? Writing an article? No, I’m not just scribbling on a blank sheet. I am making love to my favourite bae, and that is what I call, ‘writing’.


I am doing what my soul tells me to do. And this gives me energy. But out of all of it, do you know what is more pleasing, what attracts the kernel of my bae? Aye mate, poetry it is.


Poetry is the tonic that I need every day to cleanse my heart off the dust, that succumbs due to the outward sparkles. And you know well what those sparkles are indeed. Devils in disguise, maybe!
I remember the time when words (read literature) were just another subject for me. When “twinkle twinkle little star” was just another rhyme. But now that I look back to those twinkle-twinkle days, I see the glimmer of childhood in those words. I see how those rhymes used to glow with our soft voices and innocence. I now see how singing that poetry was so significant in its own charming fashion. Are you following the picture-in-my-mind? It’s like words were just an assembly of alphabets then and now they are my home. Home, you know, is where peace resides. Home, you all know, is where happiness is.
So I was in class in fifth, when poetry tried to hit on me and look at me, I was flattered, and said, ”Oh, where have you been? Come! Let’s just roll about in love.” So since then, little lines from my heart kept pouring out. And every time I help my diary, I designed the ink into something poetic. You all will agree, it’s the overwhelming state that pushes you to grab the quill and print the soul out.


Let’s say thanks to all the sorrows and PMS; let’s say thanks to all the situations that made the stress take a tour in our body; let’s just get to the point. Your love-affair with words has been due to certain things and most of them have been heavy in the beginning. I’m so full of gratitude apparently, because believe me, my stunning readers, words are breath. They are the essence of every writer’s being and I am forever going to stash them all somewhere! So that, so that when I am dead, I still have a home to come to and see my past through them. Alive and so much real.
The point of writing this article is not to just babble out my phase of life, but to tell you all that writing is so much more than just typing or anything alike. What drives you to marry these twenty-six alphabets is the presence of certain hitting events in life. So, yes another reason draws out itself in front of you, be thankful for what has ever happened with you all. At the end of the day, you are going to land in somewhere. It’s tough to get through break-ups, through tragedies, through failures; but “art ill say is a harmless savoir.”


There are these cells in our body that are just born with the aim to be invested in art. Whether its music, words, painting or voice, the ultimate drive has been through the mighty pain.
Coming back to words, yes I am very sensitive; yes my heart-functioning overpowers the brain. Yes I am emotional, because damn I am in love with these twenty-six magical strings. The stress goes by with passing sound of each click on the laptop. It is so moving. It’s the father of all medicines. And it doesn’t matter if you’re not into it professionally. Don’t waste paper. Go and just scream out the words. But not too loudly, save the world from noise pollution. Okay?
I love you Keats. I love you Shelly. I love you Wordsworth. All you poets, toasts to the depth and the sensitive tissues living inside. Because poetry is the summer wine and before I go, I will tell you what it actually means. Wait, I mean another down movement of finger on the screen needed.


“The chimney of your smoked up thoughts,

Poetry is the fire to your cold and numb soul!

The tune to the unheard music,

And then when you ask your mind,

‘Where does the peace of your emotions dwell?’

And comes a voice, ‘The poetry castle.’

 I’ll just say, someday poetry will guide you home”

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Roshni Ahuja (MCM College 36)

20! English honours. Logolept.
Seeks soulful delight in entwining imagination and words. Exhales poetry!  Invests sincere interest in Dramatics. Travel to unravel~


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