I Love you but I love ‘Me’ More.

Yes it was love,
Yes it was true.
It made me happy,
And brought a smile
on your face too.
Yes we were crazy,
Yes we were mad.
Least bothered about the
outside world,
But so lost in our own.
I loved the colours,
I loved the sparkle.
Those crazy moments,
That crazy laughter.
We were young,
We were naive.
We followed our heart,
Without caring about
what was right.
Today I’m mature.
I dont like the colours,
Neither the sparkle,
It pinches my eyes.
Your company seems
Like a waste of time.
I must focus on my life,
I must prioritise.
I have alot to achieve,
In a limited frame of time.
The pressures we heard about,
I feel them now.
The fears we had,
All come true now.
I must be strong,
I must move on.
I’m letting go,
Please hold on.
Don’t get me wrong,
I still love you.
I guess I just,
Love me more.


About The Author

Urvi Marwaha

Urvi Marwaha (BDS,PU)

Urvi Marwaha is an ordinary girl, taking baby steps and is on her way to becoming a dentist. She is motivated by the desire to achieve. She dreams big through her tiny little eyes. She loves to travel. She enjoys greek souvalakis and chocolate eclairs every now and then. She’s still learning the rules of the game and one day shes going to play it better than anyone else.


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