‘I Am Still Human’ paves way for constructive Vichaar


Photography by Shaurya Dahiya (MCM College 36)

Providing an opportunity to express and explore, ‘I Am Still Human’ came up as an NGO with an open debate, Vichaar 1.0 organized at Citi Park, Sec 68, Mohali on April 30th, 2016.

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Dedicated to the cause of youth empowerment, with its team in as many as 7 States across the country and in Germany as well, this NGO has been generating opportunities in order to “channelize the positivity of the youth”.

As a part of their wider approach, the debate was aimed at consolidating opinion on various raging issues that effect the lives of the student community at the Panjab University.

The panel included Mr Nijog Singh (Acting President), Mr Tejinder Singh (Media Consultant), and Mr Kamal Brar and Mr Navkarn Sandhu (upcoming Activists); all being from Panjab University Student Union (PUSU). Similarly, the list of moderators had personalities as distinguished as Mrs Vandana, Principal, The Tribune School; Mr Gulshan Sharma, General Manager at The Hindustan Times; Mr Rajesh Gupta, a criminal lawyer and Mr Bobby Singh, a State Awardee in Social Service. 

With the horizon of debate being much wide, it saw questions coming from the moderators as well as the audience, which comprised of the students from various colleges across the tricity.

The highlights of the evening included questions on women’s safety in and around campuses and major issues faced by students on campus. In the light of the recent shooting incident in the Panjab University, the issue of usage of arms and ammunition also found space and answers were sought regarding such conduct.

If that was not enough to engage the audience, the peddler-fame singer, Mr. Sahil Sharma took an all-time high with his musical numbers. On and all, the first edition of Vichaar was successful in generating a wave of thoughts and creating an atmosphere for productive discussion leading to well thought solutions.

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