I am Learning Humanity


I am learning what it means to be human. I am learning how to accept everything as a part of life that would help me grow further. I am learning to accept the fact that life is not always fair and you do not always get what you want. I am trying to accept that sometimes people leave you and other times you have to leave people and that is okay, it hurts but it is okay because I have realized that sometimes leaving is also a form of love and all the endings do not have to be sad.


I am learning that it is important that you do not just forget people who have been hurting rather what is crucial is that you learn to forgive and then forget those people. I am learning that I have made mistakes and it only makes me more human and I am also accepting the fact that it is alright to ask for forgiveness, I forgive and I ask for forgiveness because I was forgiven and will be forgiven again and again.


I do it for myself, and not for others, because that is where my peace of mind starts, this is how I begin to learn to accept and embrace life. I refuse to allow myself to indulge in self-harm, whether physical or emotional. And I have forgiven myself for all the bad decisions I took or for allowing all the negative people in my life. I refuse to allow other people’s bitterness overtake my compassion and love. I allow myself to eliminate such toxic people immediately from my life without a pinch of regret in my brain and soul.


I am learning that life is short and very, very unpredictable. I am here right now but I might not be tomorrow, so while I am here I am learning to live every moment to the fullest, learning to love and live for myself because unless I cannot love myself well, I cannot love others very well.


Love born out of my own heart’s loneliness is not love, I will just try to find solace in the other person and such kind of love might be short-lived.


I am learning what it means to be human and how to preserve my humanity while the world is hell-bent on killing it. I will not give in, I will not give up. I will not let my humanity die even if I have to sacrifice myself in the process because what is a human without humanity, right?


About the Author:

Divisha Singh (DAV College, Sector 10)

A turmeric-scented brown girl. Psychology lover. Lover of love. Ambivert. Surviving on hope and Ice-cream. Loves Twenty-one pilot and Jagjit Singh. An annoying sister and loving daughter. You will find me in Chandigarh, constantly failing to meet you. From Banaras, the city of ghats and Shiva. Loves to travel. Amateur Writer.



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