Hypocrisy!! Are you a Hypocrite ?


Though hard to digest, it is true . We are all by nature hypocrites. Even people you love and care about. The good ones among us at times go on to become lawyers and politicians.

That’s just how humans are wired. Its easier for us to see the dirt in someone elses life than the mess that is our own.

You can’t really define Hypocrisy , because it exists in so many forms .  From things like giving relationship advises to friends and not actually following them ourselves to Pro Feminism women who demand special rights for women, hypocrisy is all around us . Recently the BJP openly condemned the actions of the Congress MPs in the parliament when they repeatedly disrupted the monsoon parliament session.But this is exactly what the BJP would do when Congress was in power .We take to the roads and protest for days when a girl is molested or mistreated yet our treatment of the women in our lives from mother to wife is shameful.Guys when it comes to girlfriends prefer open minded chicks that are ready to go all the way with them, yet most of these ‘studs’ want wives that are ‘pure’. We worship Goddesses yet we kill our own daughters even before they are born. Girls these days are all about equality yet they still expect the Man to be the money maker in the family . If a man offers to help he’s a MCP if he doesn’t he’s mannerless .We complain about the filthy state of our cities but we never once think before dropping garbage on the streets.Hypocrisy in all its different forms has become a part of our lifestyle. And anyone who denies it, is a Hypocrite too.

Some of us do it knowingly,some unknowingly. But either way you end up decreasing your credibility in-front of those around you.Its morally wrong.But what can you do about it, right ,because you are doing it unknowingly. So lets all make a conscious effort to deal with this. The next question is How?

  1. Acknowledge that everyone isn’t perfect.And neither are you.If someone needs to change something about themselves , you might too.
  2. Realize that its okay to be different. If you are just agreeing with someones superior ideology, when u don’t believe it, just to fit in, you are doing more damage than good.Its okay to not agree with people as long as you stay true to your believes.
  3. Think before you speak. Before you start passing judgements or start lecturing someone or something, Think! Think if what you are about to say is what you actually think.Think of what you would do if you were in such a situation and not what should be done.

Do it not for other people but for yourself.Do it to feel good about yourself.

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