HPSU Organises a Two-day Basketball Tournament at UIET


A basketball tournament was organised at the UIET campus from 26th September, 2017 to 27th September, 2017 by HPSU in which 28 teams of both boys and girls participated. The tournament was organised so as to encourage the students of South Campus to actively participate in sports.

Dr. Rajesh Dahiya, HoD of the department of Physical Education, Government College, Sector-11 served as the Chief Guest. Mr. Chetan Thakur, an international football player, AG Punjab was the guest of honour. They both boosted the morale of students with their inspiring words.

From the boys’ side, UBS Asar became victorious and Team Swish were the runner-ups. At the Girls’ side, the GCG team triumphed and the runner ups were Khalsa Club. Both the winners were awarded a cash prize of Rupees 5,000. An amount of Rupees 2,500 was given to the runner-ups.

Talking about the event, Raman, the president of HPSU said, “We organised this tournament as no sports events are organised for the students of South Campus. They are often neglected as everyone’s primary focus is on North Campus. Thus, in order to encourage the students, we organised these matches. Moreover, girls are often ignored or are given less importance in sports. We don’t want any kind of partialities. Therefore, we kept the same prizes for both girls and boys.”

The students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm in the tournament. We hope more such tournaments will be organised in the campus in near future.

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