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With elections approaching in near future, every political party is bent on planning, strategising and of course, selecting its candidates who shall be the face of each of their campaigns. Interestingly, HPSU, Himachal Pradesh Students Union, in a meeting today at PU Campus finalized its candidates. For the post of President, Vikander Rawat’s name from the Department of Political Science has been decided on. Next, for the post of General Secretary, the competing candidate would be Sanjeev Negi from the Department of Law. Karthik from the Depatment of Geography shall be contesting for the post of Joint Secretary.

HPSU, a party established in 2001-02, has so far been organising various activities in thecampus a few of which worth mentioning are Counselling and Guidance to new comers (although discontinued this year), Blood Donation drives, educational trips and sports meet for indoor as well as outdoor sports. The party workers take pride in the fact that under the name of Shaheed Capt. Batra, their party has successfully managed to donate more than 1700 units of blood.

With the motto, “Towards power, through knowledge”, HPSU is gearing up for the upcoming elections but if these candidatures shall garner party the much needed votes or not is yet to be seen.



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