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Have you ever wondered why or how do you react to something you see the way you do? Be it any natural phenomenon or a random person or some scenery. Anything. Have you ever noticed how intentionally or unintentionally you react to a particular vision, when exposed to your eyes? Such minute details of human psychology are mind boggling yet intriguing. Blessed with the ability to gaze anything and everything are we. But what influence it has on us mentally, emotionally and physically, is both astonishing and alluring. Henceforth are the 4 basic things a person normally does when he lays his eyes on something:

1.) Reaction of the mind: “So this is what feels like to be on the beach for the first time. Ah! It’s ecstatic.” Usually we get to hear this from a person, who is visiting seashore for the first time.
“Well, this is not as fun as I thought it’d be” can be heard too, maybe from another. Different people react differently after witnessing some activity or a view, depending upon their tastes and past experiences.  Human mind is prone to like or dislike a particular thing and apparently, it can be seen as the first reaction that usually happens. (But why would anyone not like to be on a beach, eh?)

2.) Judge: Oh my! Who does not like to do that, right? We judge anything and everything even if we’re lacking knowledge. A person of antipathy, we judge. A national political issue, we judge. Character of person, (who we may not even know) we judge. In today’s world it has become a trend to showcase your ego by judging. Everyone’s worthy of sitting on The Judgment Seat of Vikramaditya, yeah? Ultimately we’re used to criticize everything we see around us. A verbose might go on the streets shouting about it, or a succinct person might keep it to himself.

3.) Comparison: Here comes the Big Daddy of all! You can hear almost everyone say, “If I were in his or her shoes, I would’ve done this instead of that and everything would’ve gone better like a slice of cake.” Whether it’s a comparison of your past experience to the present or between two or more persons and how you would’ve reacted to the same event, if exposed to, tops the charts for this article. Pre occupied in this apocryphal web of comparative world, people try their best to keep up in the race and then you hear them complain about the unhappy that life offers.

4.) Choose: And lastly, we come across the plethora of choices. Any incident, which a person ponders over, provides a number of choices. “Hey man, this scenic view of the Alps is mesmerizing, I think I’ll sit here and adorn the beauty of nature.” Another voice goes, “I’d rather click a picture to cherish this memory.” The third says, “I don’t like it here, I’m going downtown.” As said earlier, different beings have different tastes and our mindsets make us react accordingly and make decisions which suit us the best. What seems intriguing is that this all happens within a tick of a clock and we never pay attention to or think why this actually happens; why we accept the way we react.

These little incidents which we don’t think upon are so anticipating at times, that when you give it a deeper thought, you’ll be really amazed! So, the next time you see something ordinary or extra ordinary, try to recollect these facts and see how you react. And if you connect with this psychological startling article, feel free to share your views.

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